Ismail Hossain

Hey guys we are back again. Our old site had crashed and all files were deleted. But this time much upgraded with lots more information from our Bangladesh music scene. Here are the updates listed below.

  • News, Videos –  We will keep regular updates of exciting news and videos from underground to mainstream bands.
  • Bands – We are listing all the bands from Bangladesh. It will include all details you need to about the band. Let us know if you want to add you band at Metal
  • History – We will write a short bio about artists those who we got inspired from.
  • Albums – In Bangladesh we have large number of Albums. Most of them are released from Bangladesh Label but some are also released from internationally that we are not aware of. So in this section all Albums from Bangladeshi Bands will be listed.

If you like to share any activities of your upcoming album, singles, concert etc. Metal Guardian is waiting for it.

Let’s keep our music industry live and stop piracy.