Ismail Hossain

For the first time in Bangladesh history guitarist Guthrie Govan is going to perform live in “GUTHRIE IN DHAKA??? concert at Krishibid Institute of Bangladesh. The date is 26th February, 2017. There will be Gino Banks on drums and Mohini Dey on bass guitar. There also performing other musicians like Ershad Zaman (Artcell), Iqbal Asif Jewel (X Factor), Samir Hafiz (Powersurge / Warfaze), Wasiun Khan (Eclipse) and Quanta.

Beside that there will be a chance to get guitar lessons from Guthrie Govan himself on the next day 27th February, 2017. The location is Gulshan Shooting Club.

For buying ticket the link is given below:

For more information The Rock Project Dhaka’s Facebook link is given below: