Shunno was formed by two friends Shaker and Emil, Shaker on Guitars and Emil on vocals. They had been doing music individually for a long time before and came in together to release their first song towards the end of 2007. Soon enough, two additions had been made into the lineup- Michael on Bass and Labib on Drums, and so the journey begins…

After one year of full-fledged activity, Shunno released their 1st album “Notun Srote” under their own production house, Maroon Music, and the album was produced by their guitarist Shaker Reza. Notun Srote got very good feedback from the audience and was well taken by the critics.

As Notun Srote was flowing through the minds of the audience Shunno came up with two more singles, which the people took with open arms, and those singles put Shunno to a whole other position in the mind of their fans.
After a year from the release of Notun Srote, Shunno came up with another new album, Shoto Asha, which was released from Fahim Music. The album was hugely appreciated by everyone. And a year later Shoto Asha was nominated for ‘Citicell Channel i Music Award’ in the best band nomination and Shaker Raza was nominated for the Best Sound Engineer, and Shunno won the Award for Best Band in Popular Choice and Shaker Raza won the Best Sound Engineer in both Popular Choice and Jury Choice. Accompanying these success, Shunno’s title track from their second album Shoto Asha was choose by an renowned Telecom company to be their theme song for the ICC World Cup 2011.

Shunno just released their 4th album called ‘Bhaago

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