Black is a rock band from Dhaka, Bangladesh. They were one of the very first bands to come out from the underground scene in Dhaka and has over the years garnered a big enough fan-following to be considered a pioneer of alternative rock music in Bangladesh. The band has gained popularity over the years for their hook-laden rock compositions. In 2004, as a result of the band’s immense popularity around the time of the release of their second album, Utsober Por, Black was appointed the brand ambassador for Pepsi and Djuice, a youth based phone plan from Grameenphone and Telenor.

Childhood friends and schoolmates Jon Kabir , Mushfeque Jahan and Tony Vincent always shared a similar passion towards music. Their time was mostly spent at each others’ houses listening to records from bands such as Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden. Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten had a profound effect on the three and is said to have been the tipping point at which they decided to take up music professionally. After convincing each other about their musical skills the trio decided to form a band and soon enough they were jamming at their friends homes. Initially they decided to name their group Dope Smuglazz, as a wink to the irreverent parental fears of rock music and its supposed concurrent substance abuse, but soon enough shifted to the name Black by a suggestion from fellow classmate and future band member Asif Haque.

Black was formed in 1998 with the five members of Jon in vocals, Jahan in guitar, Tony in drums, Asif for additional guitar work and Tamzid Siddiq Spondon in bass. Soon enough Spondon and Asif parted ways with the band to follow each others interests.

In April 20, 2005, returning home after successfully completing a tour in Chittagong the bus in which the band was on, crashed near a ditch on the road. The crash caused the death of Imran Ahmed Choudhury Mobin, a prominent sound engineer in the Bangladesh music industry and a close friend of the band. Band members Jon, Jahan and Tahsan suffered minor bruises and cuts while Tony and Miraz had to be hospitalized. The members of the band announced a hiatus until further notice. Miraz had been diagnosed with a permanently damaged patella and had to leave the band indefinitely.

In mid 2006, Tahsan, frustrated with the band’s relative inactivity, decided to follow a career as a solo musician. After a mutual agreement with the rest of the band he departed and released three subsequent solo albums. The incident was not taken lightly by fans with many accusations wavered towards Tahsan as being “insensitive”, “egotistic” and “exploitative” and rumors swirling about internal dissent within the members of Black. Though completely untrue, fans and detractors still debate over his departure from the band.

The subsequent years the three remaining members of Black maintained activity, albeit at a much smaller scale, playing minor shows and concerts within Dhaka and releasing singles through G-Series’ many compilation records. With no bass player to perform live with the band, Jon himself tackled the position of playing bass while singing. This proved to be strenuous to his health thus halting any and all activity for a short while. In mid 2007, Black had found their fourth and final member in the form of Shahriar Sagar, a longtime friend of the band and mentor to Black’s previous bass player Miraz.

After the release of their third album ‘abar’ Shahriar Sagar had to leave the band due to his work pressure and then came Titu Ahsan. He was formerly in a band with Tony named ‘ashor’. With him Black released their forth album,self titled ‘Black’.

After that Jon Kabir left the band for an unknown period of time and he was replaced by Ashifur Rahman Chowdhury in the early stages of 2013.The fans didn’t take this lightly at all and Ashifur had a lot to prove to the world.Stepping in someone’s shoes whose shadows caste in the mind of the fans of Black for over 14 years is an extremely difficult job to do. In an interview with the newspaper ‘kaaler kontho’ however he stated – he took it as a challenge from the very beginning and he loves challenges. Overcoming them one by one makes life worth living.With Ashifur Rahman Black is recording their 5th album which’ll supposedly be totally different from their previous 4.
Later in the end of 2014, the Bassist Ahsan Titu took a break from Music due to some personal Reasons and then Black replaced him with Charlz Francis who is the bassist from the band Dark.being a huge fan of Black, it was ecstatic for him and he takes it as an enormous opportunity and still continuing his journey with Black.
At the beginning of 2015,Black and the vocal Ashifur Rahman Chowdhury have reached in a mutual Understanding to recruit a new vocal for the Band and regarding to that Rubayet Chowdhury,who have already impressed all the fans of Black and the Music industry with his tremendous singing and specially the cover of the song Amar Prithibi, BLACK have found him the perfect replacement as the new vocal… eventually its only the conduction of a great challenge for him and he is dedicated and ready to confront the challenges with his best and move on.and also expecting the support and encouragement from everyone.
BLACK is also looking forward to go far and retrieve the golden days along with random concerts,stage performances and new tracks.

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