Aushomapto II
Band Name : Aurthohin
Release Date : 2011
Album Label : ME Label

Aushomapto II was the  6th studio album released by Aurthohin. There were sequels to previous songs “Shurjo-2”, “Nikkrishto-2”,  Golper Shuru (“Audbhut Shei Chheleti prequel”) and “Anmonay-2” in this album. Kamal played in 3 songs, most of the guitar solos were done by Shishir and Rafa. Except “Uru Uru Mon” all of the songs were written by Sumon.

Vocal, Bass, Acoustic – Bassbaba Sumon

Lead Guitar – Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal

Guitar, Keyboard, Piano – Shishir Ahmed

Drums, Vocal, Guitar – Raef al Hasan Rafa