Band Name : Aurthohin
Release Date : 2008
Album Label : ME Label

Aushomapto-1 was the forth album released by Aurthohin. After a long break of five years Aurthohin releases this album. THE GUTI songs series was completed by the band in this album. GUTI was a series of four heavy metal songs. There is also another sequel of another song from the album Dhrubok & the song’s name is ‘Chaite Paro’. was Aushomapto-1 was one of the hit albums of 2008. Aurthohin won Best-Band Award in 2008.

Vocal, Bass, Acoustic – Bassbaba Sumon

Lead Guitar – Ibrahim ahmed kamal

Guitar, Piano, Acoustic, Keyboard – Shishir Ahmed

Drum, Vocal, Guitar – Raef al Hasan Rafa